Shipping configuration steps | Calcurates for Magento

Basic shipping configuration steps to follow

Welcome to Calcurates

Calcurates is a powerful all-in-one solution that allows e-commerce to manage shipping methods, rates, rules and estimated delivery dates at the storefront level. Calcurates gives you full control over shipping calculations and logic and helps you:
  1. Achieve cost-effective shipping. Avoid shipping losses — display right methods and accurate shipping rates based on conditions. Reduce the gap between displayed shipping rates and real shipping costs. 
  2. Increase conversions. Fair and competitive shipping rates, informative and predictable shipping will inevitably increase your sales.
Calcurates is ready to solve your own shipping scenarios such as:
  1. Real-time shipping rates from major carriers
  2. Conditional free shipping
  3. Dimensional weight shipping rates
  4. Shipping rates based on packages and their dimensions
  5. Shipping rates based on destination address (from country to a postcode level), quantity, weight, subtotal SKU, category, shipping type, vendor, origin and any other parameter you have in your e-commerce platform
  6. Calculation algorithms: per order, per item, per weight, per order subtotal, per package, per pallet
  7. Shipping restrictions based on your own conditions
  8. Shipping surcharges and discounts based on your own conditions
  9. Estimated delivery dates based on your own conditions
  10. International shipping rates with estimated duties & taxes (landed cost)
  11. Shipping and delivery dates estimates on product pages
  12. ...
Calcurates is equipped to handle a wide range of shipping needs, from the straightforward to the intricate. No matter the complexity of your shipping scenarios, Calcurates offers features that adapt to virtually any scenario, ensuring efficient management and seamless execution of diverse shipping calculations.

Getting started

After installing Calcurates from the Shopify App Store, Magento / Adobe Commerce Marketplace or Wordress Plugins Catalog and signing in, you’ll be taken through the initial app setup process, which takes just a few minutes.
Our "Getting started" section will take you through each step. Even if it seems complicated our support is always here to help:

Install Calcurates to your Store


Install the Calcurates app from the Shopify App Store.
Third-party carrier-calculated shipping feature is required.
In Shopify any app that provides calculated shipping rates is qualified as third-party carrier-calculated shipping. It doesn’t matter if there are rates provided by the carrier (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc) or custom made rates that you can configure with the Calcurates app. In both cases you still need this feature.


Install the Calcurates plugin from the Wordress Plugins Catalog or our official GitHub.
  1. How to install Calcurates WooCommerce plugin
  2. How to configure Calcurates WooCommerce plugin
  3. How to update Calcurates WooCommerce plugin


The very first step is to connect your Store's Website to Calcurates.


The store's website will be connected automatically right after you install Calcurates app from the Shopify App Store.
Only one Shopify store Website can be connected to the one Calcurates account.


Multiple Magento 2 stores can be connected to the one Calcurates account (i.e. Staging and Production).


Multiple WooCommerce stores can be connected to the one Calcurates account (i.e. Staging and Production).


Set up the location you are shipping from.

Shipping Options

Configure Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Table Rates, or live rates from major Carriers.

Flat Rate

  1. How to set Flat Rate shipping option

Free Shipping

  1. How to set Free Shipping option

Table Rates

  1. How to set Table Rates shipping option
  2. How to add Table Rates method
  3. How to add rates and conditions in the Table Rates method


  1. How to set a Carrier shipping option
  2. How to add a Carrier
  3. How to connect a Carrier
  4. How to sync Carrier services and packages
  5. International Shipping from Carriers

Shipping Rules


Set up locations you are shipping or not shipping to. They will help to display shipping methods for specific destination addresses.


Shipping Rules can be set with the pre-configured conditions, which we call Shipping Segments. Configure them using Cart, Product, Geo, Date & Time, Promo or even Custom attributes.
  1. What is Shipping Segment
  2. How to add or edit a Shipping Segment


Set up your Shipping Rules to hide your shipping options and methods or to modify your rates for specific Shipping Segments.
  1. What is Shipping Rule
  2. How to add or edit Shipping Rule

Advanced features

  1. General info about Calcurates Advanced features
  2. How Volumetric Weight (Dimensional Weight) feature works
  3. How Delivery Dates feature works
  4. How Multi-Origin Shipping feature works
  5. How Smart Packaging feature works
  6. How Shipping on Product Pages feature works

Test your rates before going live

 1. Use "Test Your Rates" tool 

Check and debug your shipping configuration using the "Test Your Rates" tool that emulates your checkout.
You will see how your shipping options, methods, and rates are calculated and appear on the frontend. 
  1. What is Shipping Calculator and how to check shipping configuration using it.

2. Test Calcurates on your store

Want to test Calcurates shipping methods on your store without making them visible to your customers?
Configure the Shipping Rule that will show shipping methods if your "test" conditions are met. For example, if Company Name "test" is entered at checkout.
  1. How to add or edit Shipping Rule

3. Follow the "Activity Feed"

Follow the Activity Feed while testing to see what's happening with the your shipping methods and rates.
Getting unexpected result and not sure what causing it? Submit a ticket and include the Request ID in your message.

Going live with Calcurates