How Single-Origin Shipping works

How Single-Origin Shipping works

Single-Origin Shipping means that you ship products from a single location and do not need to collect the order from multiple warehouses. That's why is pretty simple to configure single-origin shipping.

Origins Grid and a New Origin Creation

First, log in to your Calcurates account and proceed to the Origins section from a menu. Then, click the Add Origin button.

New Origin Configuration

The process of the new Origin configuration consists of 4 steps.

Step 1 - General information

On this step, please, fill in the Origin name and description and select a store to associate the Origin with.
Please notice, you will need your website to be sychronized with Calcurates before the Origin set up.

When done, hit Next.

Step 2 - Location

On this step you will need to specify the Origin address.

When the address in filled in, please, click Next.

Step 3 - In-Store Pickup

The next step allows you to enable or disable in-store pickup option for your customers. If enabled, your shoppers will be able to come and pick their orders right from your location.
To configure in-store pickup you will need your Origin coordinates. To get the coordinates, you can open Google Maps, type in the address and copy the place latitude and longitude. Also, you can use Google Place ID.

Click Next when the in-store pickup is set.

Step 4 - Shipping Options

On the final step you will need to select the shipping options that should be associated with the Origin. When done, click Save to return to the Origins grid.

Now, you. can start shipping from a single Origin. In case you have more origins to ship from, then learn how to enable and set up the Multi-Origin Shipping.

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