Configure Calcurates Magento 2 module | Calcurates for Magento

How to configure Calcurates Magento 2 module

After a successful installation of Calcurates module to your Magento, the configuration settings will appear in Magento config here: Stores > Configuration > Shipping Methods > Calcurates by Amasty.

Note, updates regarding the availability of a new module version are displayed in the config. You can also subscribe to our GitHub if you don't want to miss the release of the new version.


  1. Enabled. Use this setting in order to enable or disable shipping options and methods provided by Calcurates to your Magento.
  2. Calcurates API Token. This token is provided by Calcurates. Magento uses it to send requests to Calcurates. You may find this token in Website settings.
  3. API URL. URL which is used by Magento to call Calcurates API. Should be
  4. Ignore Virtual Products. "Yes" means zero-weight products will be ignored from shipping rates calculations on the Calcurates side. "No" means zero-weight products will NOT be ignored from shipping rates calculations on the Calcurates side.
  5. Split Checkout by Origins. "Yes" means your Magento checkout will be split by Origins if the Multi-Origin feature is set in your Calcurates account.

Design and Layout

  1. Title. General "Carrier" title as Magento displays it in the admin settings or in the storefront. The default title is "Calcurates"
  2. Default Error Message. The error message which is displayed on checkout if Calcurates methods are unavailable.
  3. Info Message Display Settings. There are 2 formats available: Show in the tooltip ("question" icon) or Show below shipping method (as description).
  4. Display Images for Shipping Options. If set to "Yes" then images that are set in the Shipping Option settings (Calcurates account) will be displayed at the checkout next to the method's name.
  5. Display package name next to method name. If set to "Yes" then package names that were applied to rate quotes will be displayed at the checkout next to the method's name. Learn more about the Smart Packaging feature.
  6. Sort order. Specify the order for Calcurates methods displayed at the checkout along with other shipping methods you use.

International Shipping

  1. Display rates with tax and duties. If you have international shipping rates (landed cost) enabled in your Calcurates account then there are 3 options to display tax & duties: 1) single rate with tax & duties 2) single rate without duties & taxes 3) both options - with and without tax & duties.

Delivery Dates

Ignore these settings if you don't use the "Delivery Dates" feature by Calcurates.

  1. Delivery dates display settings. There are 3 options available: 1) Do not show 2) Show in the tooltip ("calendar" icon) or 3) Show next to the method name.
  2. Delivery dates display format. There are 3 options available: 1) Qty of days in transit (example: “3 days“ or “3-4 days“) 2) Estimated delivery dates (specific date or range of dates will be displayed) 3) Estimated delivery dates (Magento format): Date format from Magento settings will be applied.
Learn more about Delivery Dates format for Magento from this article.

Product Page Widget

Ignore this setting if you don't use the "Product Page Widget" feature by Calcurates.
  1. Display Shipping on Product Pages. There are 3 options available: 1) Always (for all products) 2) Only for Specific Products 3) No. If "Only for Specific Products" is selected, then you can use any Magento product attribute and its value to specify products where you want to display shipping estimates.
  2. Enable Google Address Autocomplete. "Yes" will add Google Address Autocomplete form to the "Shipping on Product Pages" block. You will need to specify your Google Places API Key to make this feature work.
  3. Block Title. Specify the title for the "Shipping on Product Pages" block.
  4. Fallback Message if No Methods Available. If for some reason methods are not available for the product pages, this message will be displayed.

In-Store Pickup

  1. Display In-Store Pickup as. There are 2 options available: 1) Shipping Methods (in-store pickup points will be displayed as any other shipping methods) 2) Stores Locator (there will be 2 tabs at checkout: "Shipping" and "In-Store Pickup". Shipping methods and pickup points will be displayed in different tabs.


  1. API Timeout (seconds). Use this setting to limit Calcurates API response time.
  2. Show Only if Error or API Timeout Exceeded. Selected default Magento shipping methods that will be displayed as a fallback methods if Calcurates API timeout is exceeded. You can select only from the enabled Magento shipping methods.
  3. Enable Debug. Use this setting to enable or disable debug mode. Enabled debug mode allows you to generate test labels instead of real ones.

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