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What is Shipping Rule

What is Shipping Rule

Shipping Rule — a certain change of the shipping option or/and method and its rates that is applied under specified conditions or a condition set (also defined as shipping segment). Shipping Rule example: 20% surcharge for distant States orders (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico).

Shipping Rules Usage

  1. Use Shipping Rules in order to hide your shipping options and methods or surcharge, discount, and replace their regular rates if specified conditions on the checkout are met.

Shipping Rules Examples

  1. 20% surcharge for distant States orders (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)
  2. Hide "Next Day Delivery" for certain postal codes
  3. Hide UPS for "Wholesale" customer group
  4. Make "Free Shipping" unavailable for orders from UK Mainland that weight more than 5 kilos.
  5. Set Free Shipping for any specific product category
  6. Discount your shipping rates for orders with total weight less than 10 lb, prices more than $75, when 3 or more items are added to cart
  7. Restrict specific carrier service
  8. If there are specific product categories in the cart, create a 20% shipping rate discount
  9. Exclude country specific postal codes from your shipping options
  10. Surcharge or restrict delivery method on weekends and on holidays
  11. Use the "shipping address line" attribute with the value "P.O." to restrict delivery to post office boxes
  12. Hide "Free Shipping" for particular SKUs


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