Add or edit Shipping Origin | Calcurates for Magento

How to add or edit an Origin

Video: How to Create and Configure an Origin in Calcurates

Origins Grid

To see Origins grid you should follow Menu  > Origins.
There are 5 columns in the Origins grid:
  1. Origin id. Internal id of the origin
  2. Created at. Date when origin has been created
  3. Name. Origin name (editable)
  4. Supported shipping options. The list of shipping options that serve this origin (editable)
  5. Action. Edit, Duplicate or Delete origin

Default Origin

By default, you have one origin already added to your Calcurates account. 

You should edit it and change its details to your own ones:

Edit default origin

Step 1 — General information

On step 1 you should add origin name (required) and description (optional). Origin name appears in your origins grid.

Step 2 — Location details

Origin location details can be added or changed on step 2:
  1. Origin Country (required)
  2. Origin State/Region (required)
  3. Origin City (required)
  4. Origin Zip/Postal Code (required)
  5. Address Line 1 (required)
  6. Address Line 2 (optional)
  7. Address Type (required)
  8. Contact Name (required)
  9. Orders Email (optional)
  10. Contact Phone Number (required)

Step 3 — Supported Shipping Options

As soon as you add your shipping options you will be able to select them on this step.
To make your shipping option available for the origin it needs to be selected in this dropdown. If your shipping option is unassigned from the origin it means it will be unavailable to it.

After you filled in all required fields you will be able to save your Origin.

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