How to set Free Shipping option | Calcurates for Magento

How to set Free Shipping option

Video: How to Configure Free Shipping and Flat Rate in Calcurates?

Free Shipping features

Free Shipping shipping option type allows you to set your free shipping based on the few most important conditions: shipping areas, minimum order threshold and SKU exceptions. With
Shipping Rules you can make your Free Shipping options more flexible and customized.

Free Shipping settings

  1. Served Shipping Areas. You can limit a Free Shipping option to specific shipping areas. It means this shipping option will be only available for delivery addresses that match conditions of selected areas. Leave empty to apply this option to ANY delivery address.
  2. SKU Exceptions. Free Shipping will be unavailable if there are indicated SKUs in the cart. Press ENTER to add next value. Leave empty if there are no SKU exceptions for this Free Shipping option.
  3. Minimum Order Subtotal. Free Shipping will be available only if this threshold is reached. Check Advanced settings to specify Tax and Discount inclusion.  Leave empty if there is no threshold for this Free Shipping option.

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