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What is Shipping Area

What is Shipping Area

Shipping Area — a preset location where you ship or you don't ship your orders to. Can be configured as a preset condition using the following multiple GEO attributes: Country, State/Region, City, Postal Codes (Range or Mass), Address Line, Address Type (Commercial or Residential).

Shipping Areas Usage

  1. Shipping Areas can be assigned to the entire Shipping Option. That means that this Shipping Option will be available only for the destination addresses that meet Shipping Area conditions.
  2. Shipping Areas can be used as a condition for your Table Rates shipping method
  3. Shipping Area can be used as a condition for your Shipping Segments and Shipping Rules.

Shipping Area Examples

UK Mainland

England, Scotland and Wales selected as regions in the UK.

UK non-Mainland

The UK except England, Scotland and Wales selected as regions.

US Distant States

Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico States in the USA.


Shipping Zone

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