How Product Page Widget feature works

How Product Page Widget feature works

General Information

Product Page Widget (aka Shipping on Product Pages) is an advanced feature that is available in the left menu in the section Pro Features.

Product Page Widget allows you to provide your customers with certain shipping methods and rate estimates right on product pages. You can configure the feature to display whether the cheapest shipping option or the fastest one. Also, you can adjust the number of shipping options to display.

Product Page Widget configuration

Product Page Widget functionality becomes available in the left menu as soon as you subscribe to this advanced feature. Follow Menu > Product Page Widget to reach the Product Page Widget settings.

Website, number of rates, and sorting

First, you will need to select a website for which the feature should be applied. Please, expand the dropdown menu under the Website headline and select the required website.
Next, adjust the two main options that define the feature behaviour:
Number of Rates to Display — define the number of shipping options that will be displayed on a product page.
Sorting — select the sorting method that will be applied to the shipping rates. Choose Fastest or Cheapest to define the sorting algorithm.

Shipping options to display

Below, in the Available Shipping Options section you can adjust certain shipping methods to choose from and to display them on product pages.
You can choose from the all available shipping options divided into 4 groups:
  1. Flat Rate Options
  2. Free Shipping Options
  3. Table Rates Methods
  4. In-Store Pickup Stores

Default 'Ship To' address

Then, you will have to set the Fallback "Ship To" Address parameters. This address is used only for your guest customers to define the available shipping methods, estimate rates and display them on a product page. For logged-in customers shipping estimates will be done based on their address.

Please, fill in the address:
  1. Country
  2. State/region
  3. City
  4. Zip/postal code
  5. Address line 1
  6. Address line 2

Product page text customisation

Finally, you can adjust the text that will be displayed on product pages throughout your store. In the Text Displayed on Product Pages section there are two configurable lines of texts:
  1. In-Store Pickup Template — is used for all the in-store pickup shipping options
  2. Other Options Template — is used for the rest shipping methods (flat rate, free shipping, table rates)
Fill in the required text using the supported variables to make it more meaningful.
The following variables are available to use in text:
  1. shipping rate - {rate}
  2. method or option display name - {name}
  3. delivery date from - {delivery_from}
  4. delivery date to - {delivery_to}
When the configuration is complete, please, hit the Save button to apply changes and add the Product Page Widget functionality to the store pages.

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