What is Shipping Calculator | Calcurates for Magento

What is Shipping Calculator and how to check shipping configuration using it

What is Shipping Calculator

Shipping Calculator — a special interface inside your Calcurates account that emulates checkout and allows you to check and test the shipping configuration (displayed shipping options, methods and calculated rates) that is set up with Calcurates.

How to use Shipping Calculator

If you are ready to check your shipping configuration with Shipping Calculator simply fill the required fields in and press "Calcurate".

Data fields

Learn more about calculator's data fields below.


  1. Show Rates for Website. Select a website that you want to display shipping methods and calculate rates (required) for. 
  2. Store View. Select a Store View that you want to display shipping methods and calculate rates (optional) for. A website-dependent and Magento-specific field.


We recommend filling in only those optional product fields that affect your shipping methods and rates (attributes that are used in shipping rules and conditions).
  1. SKU. Product SKU (optional).
  2. Price without Tax. Product price without tax (required).
  3. Price with Tax. Product price with tax (required).
  4. Discount Amount. Product discount amount (required). Set to "0" if there is no discount.
  5. Quantity. Product quantity (required).
  6. Weight. Product weight (required).
  7. Origin that Product is Shipped from. Required.
  8. Custom Attributes. Assign custom attributes to the product (optional). Website-dependent.
  9. Product Dimensions. These fields appear only if Volumetric and Dimensional Weight feature is activated for your account. The set of fields depends on Website and custom attributes that have been assigned to Volumetric Calculation Methods.
    1. Height. Product height (optional).
    2. Width. Product width (optional).
    3. Length. Product length (optional).
    4. Volume. Product volume (optional).
    5. Volumetric Weight. Product volumetric weight (optional).


  1. Country. Destination country (required).
  2. State/Region. Destination state or region (required for the US, optional for other countries).
  3. Zip/Postal Code. Destination zip/postal code (required).
  4. City. Destination city (optional).
  5. Address Line 1. Destination address line 1 (optional).
  6. Address Line 2. Destination address line 2 (optional).


  1. Customer Group. Select the Customer Group that you want to display shipping methods and calculate rates (optional) for. A website-dependent and Magento-specific field.


  1. Promo Code. Enter a promo code if you want to see how your shipping rules behave based on this parameter.


After you fill all the required fields in, a yellow "Calcurate" button becomes available. Simply press it to get the result.

Cart Summary

In the "Cart Summary" block you will see the list of the products added to cart and subtotal with tax and discounts.

Shipping Options

In the "Shipping Options" block you will see the list available shipping options and methods grouped by types (Free Shipping, Flat Rate, Tabel Rates, Carriers) and their calculated rates.
All explanatory tooltips and error messages will be displayed according to your configurations.
Simply change the checkout parameters to see how they affect your shipping results.