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How Smart Packaging functionality works

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General info

The idea behind Smart Packaging is the algorithm that helps combine the order items into preset packages.
It could be one or multiple packages (note that some of the carriers do not support "multi-packaging"). 
This helps get the most precise rates from the carrier as not only Weight and Product Dimensions are taken into consideration but also the package dimensions. 

The rate is calculated and returned from the Carrier in mere seconds to show a Real-Time Carrier Rate to your customers on checkout. The more input data such as (weight, LxWxH, package parameters) a rate has, the closer rate price will be to reality.


There is a number of vital attributes that have to be specified for both CMS and Calcurates that will make the functionality available.
  1. Smart Packaging functionality is available in the left menu in the section Pro Features.

  2. Products must have such attributes as Length, Width and Height specified in your CMS.

  3. Available packages have to be created under Menu > Smart Packaging.

  4. ‚ÄčA package must have its parameters filled in, otherwise, it will not be available for Smart Packaging.

  5. Product dimension attributes need to be mapped with the corresponding attributes of your Website inside Smart Packaging settings.

Adding a Custom Package

Menu > Smart Packaging
To add a new custom package for your Smart Packaging one simply needs to click the "Add Custom Package" button and follow the three steps:
  1. General: Give the package a Name and Description.
  2. Weight: Choose the Units (Kg or Lb) from the dropdown and specify weight of the package itself and its maximum weight limit.
  3. Dimensions: Choose the Units (Cm or In) and specify of the package.
Saving a package should result in its display inside the Packages grid with the parameters specified and actions such as Edit, Duplicate and Delete available. 

The created Custom Package also becomes available inside a carrier shipping option section as an additional Custom Packages tab next to Available carrier Services and Carrier Packages grid on Step 2:

From the Custom Packages tab it is possible to change the package status and enable/disable the Smart Packaging functionality for the package, as long as it has ALL its required parameters specified:

Enabling Smart Packaging for a carrier Shipping Option

Step 2 of carrier shipping option configuration also has carrier Settings, where Smart Packaging can be enabled for the current shipping option from:


All of the above helps our algorithms get the needed data to virtually "pre-pack" a given order in the available in-house packaging that your store has. This allows us to request and get rather precise shipping rates from the carriers that we are sure will be beneficial to all the interested parties.

Faced a complication that was not covered in the article? Please contact us directly to receive assistance.  
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