Add and connect your website to Calcurates for Magento

How to add and connect a Magento 2 Website to Calcurates

Video: How to Add a Magento Website to Your Calcurates Account


The "Websites" section in Calcurates allows you to manage which Magento websites your shipping methods and rates logic is done for.
Adding a new website provides the Calcurates API Key needed to connect your Magento store to your Calcurates account.

Navigate to the "Websites" section in the left menu, and you'll be directed to the Websites grid where you can manage your websites by adding, editing, or deleting them.

Add / Edit website


In the General section should add the Website name and Website URL. They both are visible in your Websites grid.

Main Origin must be assigned to the Website.
In the dropdown you will see Origins from the "Origins" section
Didn't find your Origin in the list? Add new Origin.

• If you ship from a single origin, then this is your Main Origin.
• In case of Multi-Origin Shipping Main Origin will be used as a fallback Origin in Origin selection algorithm (picking the best Origin for the product when calculating shipping rates).


Calcurates provides you with API key in order to connect your Magento 2 to Calcurates:

Copy this API Key and insert it in your Calcurates Magento 2 module config:

Magento Admin > Stores > Configuration > Sales > Delivery Methods > Calcurates > General

For security purposes you may regularly re-generate new key.
Read more about Calcurates module for Magento 2.

Platform Sync

In the "Platform Sync" section you need to synchronize your Magento 2 website with Calcurates. It means Calcurates gets all the essential data related to shipping from your Magento 2:

  1. Units: base currency, time zone, weight units, dimensions, distance;
  2. Product attributes including custom ones;
  3. Customer Groups;
  4. Store Views;
  5. Origins (when Multi-Origin Shipping is enabled).
Calcurates supports 2 ways of synchronisation your Magento 2 website with Calcurates:
  1. OAuth (recommended)
  2. Token Based

In both cases you need to add a new integration to your Magento 2 backend.

Step 1: Add New Integration

Magento Admin > System > Integrations > Add New Integration

Click "Add New Integration" here.

Magento Integrations

Step 2: Specify APIs

Magento Admin > System > Integrations > Add New Integration > API

We suggest selecting "All", but you may go "Custom" and pick specific API resources — learn more.

Step 3: Select Auth Type (OAuth or Token Based)

OAuth (recommended)
Magento Admin > System > Integrations > Add New Integration > Integration Info
  1. In the "Integration info" tab specify Callback URL and Identity link URL:
    1. Callback URL:
    2. Identity link URL:
  2. Save your New Integration
  3. Click "Activate" next to your New Integration
  4. Click "Sync" in your Calcurates account 

Token Based
  1. Save your New Integration
  2. Click "Activate" next to your New Integration
  3. Click "Allow" in the popup
  4. Copy Acces Token
  5. Paste Acces Token in your Calcurates Account: Website settings > Platform sync > Token Based
  6. Click "Sync" in your Calcurates account 

If everything is done right, then after pressing "Sync" you will see a popup with Website selector to choose the Website you want to sync with Calcurates. Select the Website and Click "Ok". 
After a successful sync you will see an info popup:

Getting an error when syncing your Magento Website? Check this Troubleshoot Guide.

Step 4: Sync Origins (optional)

When using a Multi-Origin Shipping is enabled the additional "Sync Origins" block appears in the "Platform Sync" section:

There are 2 options for mapping Calcurates Origins with the parameter that is responsible for the Origin (aka Warehouse, Source, Vendor or Supplier) in your Magento:
  1. Magento MSI (sources)
  2. Any Product Attribute that represents Origin
Do I need to enable "Sync Origins" toggle?
  1. If you have many Origins, then it makes sense to enable "Sync Origin" toggle. In this case Calcurates will import Origins from your Magento and map them automatically when Website sync is performed. After that you will see imported Origins in the "Origins" section.
  2. If there are a few Origins, then you may add Origins manually in the "Origins" section and map each of them in its settings.

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