Calcurates advanced features for E-commerce on Magento

General info about Calcurates Pro features

Advanced Features and Carriers allow you to go beyond the borders of the basic configuration and make your shipping even more flexible and professional.
The full list of Advanced Features and Carriers can be found and requested in Marketplace (Menu > Marketplace).

Advanced Features are included in Pay As You Go pricing plan and you don't need to pay extra for them. You just need to request them from Marketplace.
If you are on our Fixed Limited pricing plan then every advanced feature increases your monthly subscription fee according to the feature price in Marketplace. You can request the feature in Marketpace and have a Free 30-Day Trial to check and test it.

Advanced Features

  1. Volumetric and Dimensional Weight
  2. Multi-Origin Shipping
  3. Custom Packages
  4. Delivery Dates (coming soon)
  5. In-Store Pickup (coming soon)
  6. Extra Fees (coming soon)


  1. DHL Express (UK)
  2. DHL Express International (UK)
  3. DHL Express International (US)
  4. DHL Express International (CA)
  5. DHL Express International (AU)
  6. UPS (US)
  7. UPS (UK)
  8. USPS by (US)
  9. FedEx (US)
  10. DPD (UK)
  11. Royal Mail (UK)
  12. Purolator (CA)
  13. Canada Post
  14. Australia Post
  15. Sendle

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