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Address Validation: apply Shipping Rules based on the address residential status


Check the residential status of the destination address entered at checkout and apply Shipping Rules (hide method, discount, surcharge or replace rate) based on the address status.

Address Validation: Popular Scenarios

Check some popular scenarios perfectly solved with Address Validation:
Before you start: make sure you have at least one Carrier Shipping Option, for which you want to apply the Address Validation

Step 1: Enable Address Validation feature
Step 2: Add a Shipping Segment with specific address status (residential or commercial)
Step 3: Add Shipping Rule using the Segment

After you finish: check applied address status and Shipping Rules in the Activity Feed while testing

Step 1: Enable Address Validation feature

Navigate to the "Address Validation" section and enable the feature.

  1. Shipping Areas. In order to avoid unnecessary calls and credits usage you may allow address validation only for specific Shipping Areas.
  2. Qualify "unknown" addresses as. If for some reason the address validation has failed (the address was qualified as "unknown"), then you may apply the "commercial" or "residential" status for such addresses.

Step 2: Add a Shipping Segment with specific address status (residential or commercial)

You will find the "Address Type" attribute when adding a new Shipping Segment. Add 2 Segments: Segment 1 should cover residential addresses, Segment 2 should cover commercial addresses.

Step 3: Add Shipping Rule using the Segment

Add Shipping Rule using the Segment.
Learn more about Shipping Rules from this article.