Connect Royal Mail account | Calcurates for Magento

How to connect your Royal Mail account

How to request Royal Mail carrier within Calcurates?

In order to request the carrier proceed to  Menu > Marketplace.
Here you will be able to  Activate the needed carrier:

You will see the following message:
"You've requested Royal Mail. We will send you an email when carrier is activated."

We will receive a notification that you have requested the Carrier and will add it to your account.

Connect Royal Mail carrier to your Calcurates account

In order to sync your Calcuraters account with the requested carrier please proceed to  Menu > Carriers.
The article will help you get the general information on  how to connect a carrier.

It is required to have an  Online Business Account and specify the following data:
  1. Account Number. Fill in the Online Business account number.
  2. Contact Name.
  3. Company Name.
  4. Street Line 1. Required.
  5. Street Line 2. Optional.
  6. City.
  7. Postal Code.
  8. Phone. Country and Area codes are required.
  9. Email.
  10. OBA Email. Online Business Account email address.
Having filled all the required fields with valid data, your carrier will be connected to the Calcurates account.
In the carriers grid the  Royal Mail  carrier label will be changed (from red to yellow "connected" icon):

You are welcome to proceed to  Syncing your Carrier Packages and services.

Royal Mail Real-Time Rates Limitations

There are no API endpoints provided from Royal Mail side, therefore Real-Time rates cannot be requested on the fly.
For that reason we have worked on creating Table Rates methods equivalent to the rates Royal Mail provides generally.

This can be used as a workaround to cover the real-time rates depending on the product weight and size:
We are ready to provide you with a package of pre-configured methods to imitate real-time rates from Royal Mail.

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