How to choose the right Calcurates pricing plan

How to choose the right Calcurates pricing plan

When subscribing to Calcurates, you have 3 pricing plans to choose from. It depends on your shipping needs and the number of required features.
Let's compare the available pricing options.


For those customers, who are willing to see Calcurates in action and get an overview of the service we offer a Basic pricing plan. It is completely FREE and is ready to satisfy basic shipping needs. The plan includes:
  1. 1 Website
  2. 1 Origin
  3. Up to 3 Shipping Options
  4. Up to 3 Shipping Rules
  5. Free Live-chat support
To activate the pricing plan, you need to sign up to Calcurates and you're ready to go.


If your shipping needs require more complex approach or certain features, then you may take a look at the Pro pricing plan. It offers a higher number of websites, origins, and shipping options to set up as well as opens an access to the Calcurates marketplace, from where you can enable additional premium features.
The 'Pro' pricing plan includes:
  1. Up to 2 Websites
  2. Up to 10 Origins
  3. Up to 10 Shipping Options
  4. Up to 15 Shipping Rules
  5. Advanced Features from $10/mo
  6. Free Live-chat support
  7. Configuration Assistance
Also, we offer 30 days of free trial. The price of 'Pro' is $49 per month or $499 per year. Please notice, that each premium feature has its own price to be paid monthly.

Pro + Carriers

If you need any carrier integration, then you need to pay attention to the 'Pro + Carriers' pricing plan. The plan includes all the perks of 'Pro' with additional carriers integrations available.
The price of 'Pro + Carriers' is $99 per month or $999 per year, both with 30-day trial.
Also, if you looking for the carrier integrations, then pay attention to the carrier credits. Carrier credits are required to pay for each interaction with a carrier. For example:
  1. 1 credit per real-time rate quote
  2. 4 credits per shipping label
  3. 2 credits per package for return label
  4. 18 credits per estimate of landed cost
'Pro + Carriers' provides you with 5000 credits monthly. If you exceed the available amount of free credits, then you need to pay a surcharge:
  1. less than 5 000 credits — $0.025 per credit
  2. 5 000 - 10 000 credits — $0.02 per credit
  3. 10 000 - 25 000 credits — $0.015 per credit
  4. more than 25 000 credits — $0.01 per credit
You can estimate the amount of credits you need using our calculator.


If your e-commerce business does not fit the available pricing plans, we can offer individual terms depending on your shipping needs. Please, contact us to discuss the details.

You can compare the pricing plans on Feel free to contact us or request a demo.